Converged IP-PBX System with up to 256 Extensions and 128 COs

(some features listed are optional):
  • DECT Multi-Cell Wireless
  • VoIP Gateway with QSIG(Enhanced System Networking)
  • Caller ID (Name and Number)
  • Support ISDN Primary Rate Interface(PRI) with QSIG, SIP and T1 Trunks
  • Networking with Centralized Voice Mail
  • Enhanced Voice Messaging(VMA)
  • Uniform Call Distribution(UCD)
  • Direct Inward System Access(DISA)
  • Voice Mail integration
  • Centralized voice mail support
  • Supports Analog, Digital, IP Phone or SIP Phone Extensions
  • CommunicationsAssistant Productivity Application Suite
  • VM Assistant-Flexible, easy-to-use, Unified Messaging
  • Built-in Call Center functions
  • Max CO Lines: 128
  • Max Analog CO's: 96
  • Max VoIP (H.323) trunks: 32
  • Max VoIP (SIP) trunks: 32
  • Max Total Extensions: 128
  • Max Analog Proprietary Extensions: 24
  • Max Single Line Telephones: 96
  • Max Digital Proprietary extensions: 128 (DT300, T7600 series)
  • Max IP Proprietary Phone extensions: 192
  • Max SIP extensions: 128
  • Multi-Cell Wireless Compatible: Yes
  • Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas): 32
  • Maximum Portable Handsets: 128
  • Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles: 8

Optional Cards:

KX-TDA0108--S-Type Power Supply
KX-TDA0104--M-Type Power Supply
KX-TDE0110--16-Channel VoIP DSP Card
KX-TDE0111--64 Channel VoIP DSP Card
KX-TDA0143--4 Port Cell Station Interface Card
KX-TDA0144--8 Port Cell Station Interface Card
KX-TDA0170--8 Port Digital Hybrid Line Card
KX-TDA0172--16 Port Digital Line Card
KX-TDA0177--16 Port SLT w/CID Card
KX-TDA0470--16 Channel IP Extension Card
KX-TDA1080--8 Port Loop Start Co Trunk Card
KX-TDA0181--16 Port Loop Start Co Trunk Card
KX-TDA0187--T1 Trunk Card
KX-TDA0290--ISDN Primary Rate Interface
KX-TDA0484--4 Channel IP Gateway Card
KX-TDA0490--16 Channel IP Gateway Card
KX-TDA0161--4 Port Doorphone Card
KX-TDA0164--4 EIO Card
KX-TDA0168--Single Line Extension Caller ID Card
KX-TDA0190--Optional 3-slot Base Card
KX-TDA0191--4 Channel Message Card
KX-TDA0193--8 Port Caller ID Card
KX-TDA0194--4 Channel Enhanced Message Card